Sleep, Feel, And Experience Nature In Its Purest Form: Kurumba Village Resort!

Hi to all my reader friends. I am Zoey Francis, a software engineer by profession and a simple housewife by heart! I love to travel  and  I am addicted to hill stations and natural places as they have a magic of their own. Whenever I spend time with my family, I always capture  those moments in my camera. I always thank Jesus for such a loving husband and an adorable kid, Joseph. 


Last week the travel bug bit us and we wanted to spend some peaceful time, away from the crowd and noise of the city. So, we decided to visit some good hill stations and zeroed in on Nilgiris which is acclaimed as the Queen of hills and lies in the  lap of nature in Tamil Nadu. I had heard a lot about the splendour of Nilgiris, and my friends recommended it as a perfect destination for a family vacation. There are many exquisite places here such as Botanical Garden, Avalanche Lake, Emerald Lake, Nilgiri Mountain, Ooty Lake and many more.

Kurumba Village Resort: A Celestial place where Nature Rejuvenates you!

We booked a cottage for a week at Kurumba Village Resort. It is not just a hotel, rather is a celestial place where nature rejuvenates you! It was a beautiful resort and we were really spellbound seeing the beauty of its settings amidst serene landscape.

Kurumba Village Resort
Kurumba Village Resort | Image Resource :
Reception Area in Kurumba Village Resort
Reception Area in Kurumba Village Resort | Image Resource :

With every moment of the stay , the location overwhelmed us to the core. There are three kinds of cottages available here- Kurumba cottage, suite and Jacuzzi suite. We were provided with all amenities and comforts and the warm hospitality overwhelmed us.

Bedroom in Kurumba Village Resort
Bedroom in Kurumba Village Resort | Image Resource :
Jacuzzi suite in Kurumba Village Resort
Jacuzzi suite in Kurumba Village Resort | Image Resource :
Dining Hall in Kurumba Village Resort
Dining Hall in Kurumba Village Resort | Image Resource :

The dining area of the resort was truly amazing and we could see the spectacular view of the jungles and hills and smell various spices. We could  see the Nilgiri trees swaying with the wind enjoying a dance to the tunes of the blowing wind. Speechless indeed! The restaurant offered multi cuisine delicacies and each of it was made by expert chefs using fresh and rich spices. 


There are even some cozy corners made of wood furniture where one can spend some time alone and just read books. Tourists can enjoy various exciting indoor and outdoor activities here along with their loving family. I am actually short of words after my visit to Kurumba Village Resort, I think this is one of a kind resort all over India. I would make sure to take a break every year from my work, and spend some precious moments here!

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