How to Choose a Programming Language to Learn

In today’s hi tech zone, when almost every workplace relies on computers and net, it’s almost mandatory for all the working class to have thorough knowledge of computer and its languages. The new generation finds it easy as they are grown up along these gadgets, but the older class feels a fight. 

Most of these people find difficult to add or organize the functionalities. They want to learn the programming languages but get into dilemma with numerous technical characteristics. I would suggest them the following criteria in comparison and choosing the right programming language for them.

Programming Language
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How Easy Is The Language?

Easier the language to learn, quickly you will master it and get productive results, that will further boost your confidence and zeal to learn more. Thus consider your requirement and then opt for the language to learn rather than jumping on the most difficult or easiest language. By far,  C++ is considered to be most difficult and java is the simplest.

Java Programming Language
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Understanding the Language

The language should be easy to understand. If you have to go through a code numerous times, it is sheer wastage of your productivity. The reader should get the essence of a command rather quickly. This will help in better grasp of the programming and simultaneously boost the results. Hence, speed of resolving issues and efficiency can be attained if the language selected is easily understandable.

Probability of a language

It is great to know that many languages are standardized. The aim is at reducing the needs of retraining and enhancing productivity.


The language learnt should also be versatile and fit for usage. For instance, Java is an easy and good language, but it is unsuitable for certain game and system programming. However, most programmers’ requirement is only for writing business and for that java is a nice option


The language should be time effective. Besides understanding the code of the programming language, getting the solution for the issue is also equally critical and should be done in the shortest possible time duration.

Supportive platform

The platform environment should hold up the language. This includes the middleware facilities and system management facilities.

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