Old Jameson Distillery Ireland - The Pride of Jameson Whiskey

The first destination in our list on the second day was the Old Jameson Distillery Ireland which is commonly known as Jameson Distillery. It is actually a site for preparing Irish whiskey and located near the Smithfield Square inside Dublin. 

It has been opened for the public since 1997 and has a record of attracting more than 3 lakh tourists in a year. The Distillery is located on the same spot where Jameson Irish Whiskey was prepared till 1971.

The entrance to the Old Jameson Distillery
The entrance to the Old Jameson Distillery | Image Resource : irelandwhiskeytrail.com

The spot is now merely a tourist attraction which offers tutored whiskey tastings and guided tours and consists of bars, a gift shop and a restaurant. In its present form, the distillery comprises of two floors and stands tall on foundations created using the actual fermentation vats. The foundation is easily visible by the glass floor found in the atrium. One can easily reach out to the JJ’s bar from the atrium located on the first floor. It is from the same spot that you can buy tour tickers and visit the gift shop.

Old Jameson Distillery Still Room
Old Jameson Distillery Still Room | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

We had to pay a price of €14 for getting access to the tour. The tickets also allowed us to have one glass of Jameson Irish Whiskey or any one of Jameson Ginger and Lime or signature serve at the bar. We could explore the entire area in a matter of one hour and in the process found out that the second floor is made up of many facilities such as Sine Metu suite, reserve bar and the third still restaurant. The actual distillery used to be known by the name of Bow Street Distillery and it came into existence in 1780.

Bar at Old Jameson Distillery
Bar at Old Jameson Distillery | Image Resource : thesaucysampler.com

The distillery came under the complete ownership of John Jameson in 1810 and named it as John Jameson and Son’s Bow Street Distillery. The distillery was so big that it came to be known as a city inside a city. At that point of time, the distillery was made up of carpenters, coppersmiths, engineers and painters’ shops, saw mills, smithy, cooperage, etc. The water required for the distillery was dug from two deep wells inside the site. The maturing whiskey was stored in cellars also dug in the nearby area.

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