Explore the Exquisite Waxworks at Wax Museum Dublin

After exploring the mystery of the Aiiwee Caves, we decided to visit another place which has a rich association with Ireland’s history. It was the National Wax Museum which is one of the private operated waxworks museum located in Dublin.

We were simply awestruck with the mythical Irish giant standing in front of the building. We came to know that the museum underwent a comprehensive renovation phase at its new site located on the left part of Irish Houses of Parliament in Foster Place.

It was officially reopened for the general public on 7th October, 2009. Initially, the museum used to exist on Granby Row but the original building was destroyed in order to provide space for a new hotel. 

However, if one travels farther into history, the building initially used to provide rooms for prayers and was then transformed into a movie hall before being converted to a waxworks. The new building of the wax museum was originally under the ownership of Donie Cassidy who was the former Senator and TD.

Wax Museum Dublin
Wax Museum Dublin | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

Presently, it is under the ownership of Patrick Dunning, Music Recording entrepreneur and possessor of Grouse Lodge Studios. The reduction in the number of visitors and lower amount of new waxworks being created resulted in huge sufferings of the museum during the mid 1980s.

The original wax museum had many figues which were not made of wax. For instance, the figure of Gollum, a character of Lord of Rings, was created using fibre glass. The officials told us that this was done due to many problems which crept up due to variation in skin tones and weight.  We crossed some impressive wax figures including that of Gollum at the very start.

After that, we spotted figures of Crocodile Dundee and various entertainment and sporting stars of Ireland. We then went to a different section called Children’s World which was made up of figures of kids’ TV show characters and many other story book personnel. My child was extremely excited to see wax figures of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Inside the section, there were tunnels where children could crawl with figures of Bob the Builder, Power rangers and Flintstones.

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