My Air Travel from Bangalore to Ireland- Uncompromised Luxury

I am a software engineer by profession and stay in what is known as the IT hub of the country. My profession has enabled me to learn the art of designing things according to the needs of my family. I love my job and make sure that I never fall short of dedication at any point of time.

My profession forces me to work hard throughout the month and there’s hardly any time left for recreation. Despite this fact, I love to take out time for my family members, friends and of course my hobbies. I am an ardent fan of technology and gadgets and love to keep a check on the miraculous advancements taking place in the world of technology every day. I am also passionate about writing and wild life photography and love to keep memories of my trips captured through them.

It had been a long time since we had gone for a long trip together as a family. Moreover, my son’s summer vacations had already commenced and I was successful in convincing my manager that I needed a long break. So we decided to make the best of this opportunity by planning a long trip to a foreign destination.

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After browsing all the options possible, we decided to travel to Ireland, a beautiful country which has remained more or less unexplored by tourists. I opened up the international flight booking app installed in my smartphone and checked out all the options available to reach Ireland.

Since there was no direct flight from Bangalore to Ireland, we needed to travel via London. We boarded the first flight from British Airways at Kempegowda International Airport at 7:00AM and reached London with the local clock showing the time as 1:00PM. Our next flight by Aer Lingus Airlines was at 10:15 in the night and so we decided to explore the massive Heathrow Airport.

We landed at the Cork Airport, Ireland at around 11:30 in the night and headed straight to our hotel. We were really happy with the luxurious services offered by Aer Lingus airlines and thanked the international flight booking app for helping me in planning the journey.

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