Use Your Camera to Capture the Real Wildlife

DSLR cameras have become extremely popular these days. With great advancements in lens and imaging technology SLR and DSLR cameras have become cheap and even students who intend to become amateur photographers are buying DSLR cameras. The markets have also expanded.

They are now even available on online shopping sites and great offers and discounts are available on the simpler models. People have started buying DSLR’s for a variety of hobbies, even for daily life photography as they have become extremely easy to use and come with a number of manual operations.

Wildlife Photogrphy
Wildlife Photogrphy | Image Resource :

Let us focus on a unique use of the lens. Wildlife photography is a hobby that every nature lover with a decent SLR camera can develop if he/she is passionate enough. The main thing is that photography cannot be treated as an entirely technical issue. It is an art and requires immense imagination.

 I always try to focus on quality rather than quantity whether it is my job or my hobbies. Wildlife photography cannot be reduced to clicking of thousands of random pictures in the wild and putting some of them in an album. It is far greater than that. Every photo must be unique and should capture subjects in their real niche.

WildLife Photography Tips
WildLife Photography Tips | Image Resource :

Wildlife in India is extremely diverse and hence ample opportunity to practice is available to those who intend to excel in the art of wildlife photography. Nothing is more important than practise. You must select a particular subject and then study the animal for long hours for days, months and even years if you are really passionate. You need to anticipate its behaviour and get up close and personal with it. Capturing a large landscape and at the same time getting close to the subject is the essence of wildlife photography.

The effect of light and shade may seem to be a minor factor but is rather a very technical issue. You must know how to use the various shutter speeds of your came. The ISO settings are also extremely important. If you have more than 2 or 3 lenses you have to know when to carry which while going on a trip. Be interested in what you are doing and you will end up capturing something divine.

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