Yoyogi Park Tokyo: Beautiful Place To Visit To Once In Your Lifespan

I had a great time while visiting Ueno Zoo Tokyo and I couldn’t stop myself to discover some more eternal beauty of Tokyo. So, I planned a trip to Yoyogi Park Tokyo.

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Located adjacent to Harajuku station, the Yoyogi Park Tokyo is one of the largest parks in Japan scattered over an area of 134 acres. I had to discover this kind of huge park. Hence, I bag packed few eatables and boarded a train to Harajuku station. It was only a fifteen minute journey to cover up 850 meters from station to the park. There was no entry fee or anything to enter the park.

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The place has wide lawn ponds and forested areas that feature a healthy environment for jogging and other outdoor activities. The Yoyogi Park Tokyo also has cherry trees that make it a viewing spot for most of the visitors. With sheer luck, I was there in autumn and the beauty shed by Ginko tree forest was amazing.

The leaves of the trees were all turned into golden color due to the weather and created a wonderful ambience to relax out my jaded mind. I slid my bag from shoulders and sat for a little picnic by myself at the beautiful spot. While eating some of my snacks, I got indulged in talking with a local who was out for jogging. He told me about the history of park.

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The park was built on an army parade ground which was once a site where the first successful aircraft flight in Japan took place. Later, the area was used for Tokyo Olympics in 1964 to host swimming, diving and an annex for basketball. In 1967, the place was declared as Yoyogi Park. He also advised me to visit the place on Sunday as plenty of rock music fans gather on that day.

I will surely plan my next visit to Yoyogi Park Tokyo on Sunday that’ll provide me with what I missed during the trip. If you’re planning, visit in autumn and go on Sundays.

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