A Learning Stroll On The Paths Of Meiji Shrine Tokyo

My next visit was the Meiji Shrine Tokyo.  This city also showcases many places that give a good light on the historical culture of Japan. I was very interested in modern Japan. So, I planned my visit to Meiji Shrine Tokyo.

I boarded my train in the morning and alighted at Harajuku station. The shrine was hardly a ten minute walk from there. I entered through Torii gate and was stunned by looking at the change in climate. The shrine was dedicated to the glorifying souls of Emperor Meiji and Emperor Shoken and is located within the center of city

Meiji Shrine Tokyo
Meiji Shrine Tokyo | Image Resource : arounddeglobe.com

Emperor Mejia was the first emperor of modern Japan that played an important role in Meiji restoration. Located within an area of 170 acres, the place is specially built to commemorate the Emperor’s work.

There were really some unique things that I saw the people who visited the shrine doing ..first of all as they entered the shrine they stopped at the cleansing station and purified their mouth and hands and then entered the shrine to offer prayers. Then I saw few of them writing something on a prayer and tying to the prayer wall and my guide told me that even I could write my wish and do so . Then I also saw some of them tossing yens to the offering box which was done to see that their wishes become fruitful.

Meiji Shrine
Meiji Shrine | Image Resource : ehabweb.net

 The place is covered with an evergreen forest consisting of 120.000 trees of 365 different species that were donated by the people of Japan from different regions. Also, the place holds two major precinct i.e. Naien and Gaien. Naien includes a treasure museum that houses articles of Emperor Meiji and Emperor Shoken while Gaien includes the picture gallery of 80 huge landscapes showcasing the events in Emperor’s live and associates.

Meiji Jingu
Meiji Jingu | Image Resource : timetravelturtle.com

Visiting Meiji shrine in Tokyo gave me an abundance of knowledge on the helping hands of modern Japan. If you have also planned a Tokyo trip, do visit the shrine for the insights of contemporary Japan.

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