Akasaka Palace Tokyo - A Home For VIPS And A Picturesque Building For Us

Akasaka Palace is located in the Moto Akasaka, Tokyo not far from tourist area of Edo-Tokyo Museum. Therefore, if you are on a holiday in the museum and learning about the history of Japan then a trip to Akasaka Palace is a worth-while excursion for a few hours trip. It is a state guest house that was built in 1909 as an Imperial Palace for the crown prince.

Usually, I like to just wander aimlessly in cities but this visit I did not have much time to spare so I wanted to make the most of the time. I picked up a cab from Edo-Tokyo and within twenty-minutes I was in front of the Akasaka Palace.

Looking once at the giant building with security outside, I figured out that it was Akasaka Palace. The palace has expanded over 1,26,0000 sq. feet and built in the Japanese style. I was astonished to view Japan’s famous treasure towering overhead, a picturesque building and a class of ancient Japanese architecture. I sat there watching splendid wrought iron gates, huge fountain and wondered who built this kind of amazing structure.

Akasaka Palace Tokyo
Akasaka Palace Tokyo | Image Resource : cao.go.jp

The palace was designed by an architect named Katayama Tokuma in the year of 1909 for Togu Gosho. Now, it is counted as one of the national treasures of Japan and is used as an accommodation for state VIPs.  Well, the building reflects a royalty that makes it obvious for the government to keep their dignitaries leisurely during their official visits.

After clicking some pictures in my camera, I left the palace to board my train from Yotsuya Station. Almost every pavement I walked on around the palace was comprised of properly-shaped chunks of stones cemented firmly on it. The station was at 5 minute walk from the location of Akasaka palace, so I decided to continue walking and save some bucks.

It was really good to see one of the most reputed and prestigious building of Tokyo that is a home to top-notch governmental officers. 

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