Get To Know What Makes Sensoji Temple Tokyo So Attractive!

I had this wonderful idea of visiting Sensoji Temple as I had heard so many stories about the place about the immortality of that temple. This visit I was definitely going to give wings to this idea of mine. I crafted a plan to give shape to this idea.

I woke up in early morning for the visit. After getting a fresh bath and wearing good clothes, I left the hotel premises to discover one of the most colorful temples of Tokyo. It was a half-an-hour journey from my hotel to Sensoji Temple Tokyo.

Sensoji Temple Tokyo
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How to get in and out of the temple with an additional shopping experience

As I stepped out of the cab, I saw an array of colors being done on the temple. Every one of them was depicting an adorable art of painters of ancient times. Firstly, I had to enter Kaminarimon gate that had the symbols of Asakusa(a Buddhist temple dedicated to bodhisattva Kannon) and the entire city of Tokyo.

To discover more, I started walking towards the main hall. While entering the main halls, I saw five pagodas painted with different colors on each tier that made them look spectacular. The Hall itself was a great creation of architectures and painters who built a state-of-the-art architecture of the Sensoji Temple.

I finished my prayers within fifteen minutes and went out of the main place to discover what else the place was holding. I moved out from Hozomon Gate and stepped onto a shopping street that I later found out was two-hundred meters long. Most of the shops were showcasing a wide range of products of Japanese culture that included Yukata, folding fans, local snacks and many more.

While shopping I discovered that the best time to visit Sensoji temple is during festivals such as Sanja Matsuri in May, Asakusa Samba Carnival in August. If I would get a chance to visit this holly place I would surely go during these festivals and so can you.

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