Tokyo National Museum - Providing An In-Depth Knowledge On History Of Japan

As an adventurer, getting something to discover during your trip creates a life-time memorable experience. Then be it a giant panda or an old museum. This is what happened to me during this visit to Tokyo. I was being insisted by my colleagues to go to Ueno Park to discover one of the city’s largest and wealthiest temples. I had heard of the temple before for its power to protect the Tokyo city from evil but I didn’t know what else all we can find over there.

Full View of Tokyo National Museum
Full View of Tokyo National Museum | Image Resource :

All is within for you to gain on Japanese history

The park was also famous for many museums found on its ground. To find out about the history of Japan, I entered Tokyo National Museum as it was the oldest and largest of Japan’s top-level national museums. The museum holds six individual buildings and every building has a collection of its own.

As I stepped inside the Honkan building, I felt a wonderful ambience and there was a huge collection of Japan’s art and archaeological artifacts. It took me a moment to figure out what to learn first as there were thousands of individual items kept inside. I started off with scrolls, armors and weapons, costume, painted sliding doors and many more.

National Museum of Nature and Science
National Museum of Nature and Science | Image Resource :

After gathering enough information, I moved out of the museum’s building and took left to enter Hyokeikan. The Hyokeikan building is one of the oldest buildings holding a huge collection of Western-style architecture and also put on some temporary exhibitions time to time. The building gave good memories of Meji Period.

Every museum was one of its kind and held fascinating arts. So, I fastened my steps to discover what is held by the rest of buildings. For next three hours, going from one building to another, I discovered Toyokan, Horyuji Homotsukan and Kuroda Memorial Hall. These buildings had huge collection of arts and artifacts from China, Korea, South-east, India, Egypt and many more. Also, the buildings held religious objects, western-style paintings, intricate statues, sketches and copper relief images.

Tokyo National Museum
Tokyo National Museum | Image Resource :

It was a wonderful experience for me as I get to see the religious temple and the history of Japan and would surely recommend it to everyone.

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