Ueno Zoo Tokyo - A Home To Adorable and Important Species Of Animals and Birds

My next visit in the itinerary was Ueno Zoo Tokyo. Ever wish to go to a place to have a wonderful experience of discovering new animals and birds? I have. I can’t tell you how many times I have done futile trips for that kind of excursion.

Well, I’ve some good news for everyone who has the same kind of passion as me to discover the extinct animals and birds. If you go to Ueno Zoo Tokyo, you’ll get to see a wide range of animals and birds that are extinct at some of the places in world. The zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Japan and exhibits a world-class environment for most of the important species of world.

Ueno Zoo Tokyo
Ueno Zoo Tokyo | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

Discover what is extinct to the rest of the world

I started my journey with booking a cab to Ueno Park where the zoo was located. As I reached there, I got to know that the zoo had sixty-three sections grouped into different categories. I started off with Japanese Animal section and discovered some Japanese macaques

 Some people call them snow monkey due to their living habits in ice-covered grounds. I prefer to call them furry-monkey because they have dense-furs in different color that includes shades of brown from yellow brown or grey. I also get to see llamas, ostriches, rabbits and many more in that section.

Monorail in Ueno Zoo Tokyo
Monorail in Ueno Zoo Tokyo | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

It took me almost half an hour to cover all the animals by my eyes in Japanese animal section. I crossed a beautifully decorated pond with crystal-clear water while moving towards my next sections. What I discovered in the next section was simply beautiful. I saw two giant pandas. One of them was male known as Billy and the other one was female, known as Siennyu. They were the most adorable animals I have ever seen in my life. Moving on to the next sections, I invented red pandas, Sumatran tigers, Asiatic lions, Western lowland gorillas, Polar bears, Asian elephants and many more.

During my whole trip, I discovered almost hundreds of new animals and birds. I’m sure we all are animal lovers at some part of our life and Ueno Zoo Tokyo will provide you with everything you are looking for a never-before experience. I couldn’t wait for my next visit to Tokyo National Museum the next day.

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