Edo-tokyo Museum - Depicting An Interactive Way To Learn Edo-period

Call me a jammy on a roll or anything, but I was really glad that my clientele meeting took me to Tokyo and I got to visit Edo-Tokyo museum. As soon as I got a respite from the work I planned to visit the Edo – Tokyo museum which I had heard a lot about from the hotel staff and my colleagues and to tell the truth I didn’t regret a single minute!

Since childhood, I had keen interest in history and had heard of the architecture and designs created in Edo Period. I used to wonder how they look like in real. Of course, one can’t take out everything out of pictures. It was sheer luck that my work took me to this wonderful city. Well, who would want to miss the chance which we would not get every day! At least, I won’t.

Edo-Tokyo Museum
Edo-Tokyo Museum | Image Resource : tenkai-japan.com

A real-interaction with Tokyo’s history

As I reached there, I was awe-struck for a moment looking at the amazing structure of the building. It was good that a colleague who had accompanied me had already been to this place and guided me inside the building. I entered the place to see how vividly the museum has illustrated the past of Tokyo.

Ranging from the architecture to political climate and the models of town to life-sized figures, the museum was beautifully depicting an interactive way to learn about the past of Tokyo. What attracted me most is the opportunity to click my pictures with the old vehicles used during that period. Not only the exhibition of historical designs of Tokyo, but the museum regularly does special and some permanent exhibitions periodically.

Ship View in Edo-Tokyo Museum
Ship View in Edo-Tokyo Museum | Image Resource : aplos.deviantart.com

It was an amazing experience to learn about Tokyo’s history. I also wanted to go to its sister museum, the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Museum but couldn’t due to the scarcity of time. It preserves and exhibits historical building that no one would want to miss out on.  All in all , this was a truly great experience which would remain engraved in my memory for a long time!

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