How To Become A Software Engineer

As a teenager, I was quite confused about my career. The journey from that confused state to becoming a senior software engineer has been tough. So through this post I want to help out and encourage those who want to be a programmer or a  software engineer.

Here are some pointers that will help you identify your career objectives as a programmer :

Software Engineer
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1. If you are in school

If you are a school student and new to the world of programming. Start exploring the basics of programming. If you are interested in science or literature then programming would be a totally different field for you. It is important that you have good knowledge about the basics of programming languages such as Html, javascript, CSS, C#, C++, Java etc.

2. Maths and programming go hand in hand

If you are good with maths, geometry, algebra and calculus it would be very beneficial. You should also brush up your trigonometry and graphing skills. Having a good math knowledge will help you in the future when you are doing a Computer Science or Engineering course.

Become a Software Engineer
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3. Importance of a degree

Getting a degree is important. Avoid getting wrong ideas from the success stories of college dropouts who become millionaires. If you are capable and creative enough to think out of the box and develop your own technology then you probably don’t need a degree. Today, it is difficult for an individual to get a job without a degree.

4. Choose the right path

Programming is not just about coding and building application. Make sure you follow your interest, if you love game design then you would probably need a computer science degree to enter the industry as a game programmer. If your dream is to work for companies such as Google, Yahoo, IBM etc then computer science is perfect for you. Choose Management Information system if you are looking for a non technical position.

Software Devlopment Process
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5. Research and teach yourself

As a student and professional, it is important to stay updated about the latest trends/technologies in the IT industry. Some research has to be done from your end, since you are not taught everything in college.

6. Enroll for internship

While hiring, companies always prefer candidates with experience. So getting an internship can help you out after your graduation.

7. Build connections

Try to interact with your teachers, senior programmers and influential people. With better contacts landing a job became a lot easier.

8. Follow the leaders

Follow the work of top professionals and companies. Track their activities, thoughts and ideas. Following such companies and individuals can inspire you in different ways.

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