Museu Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya, Barcelona – A Repository of Medieval and Modern Catalan Art

Museu Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya, Barcelona – A Repository of Medieval and Modern Catalan Art

No doubt, we were lost in the architectural beauty of Casa Mila and forgot that we were tired and need something to refresh ourselves. Before we proceeded to the next place, we stopped at a wayside eatery. To my dismay, Barcelona is never short of restaurants and food outlets. 

We ordered sandwiches and waited a few minutes talking to the cab driver. He told us just what he knows about the Museu Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya, our next destination.

Located in Parc de Monjuic, we had to travel about four and a half kilometers to reach the place. There were buses to the closest location if you wanted to travel cheap. The museum offered unique collections of Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque art of medieval Catalan architecture and paintings of the early twentieth century and Palau Nacional. There are two floors in the museum.

Museu Nacional d’ Art de Catalunya, Barcelona
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After buying the tickets, we walked into the ground floor. In fact, we joined a family of eight members to get a guided tour ticket. The first exhibition was the rich collection of mural and panel paintings. I learned that they dated back to the eleventh, twelfth, and thirteenth centuries of Romanesque art. The sculptures made of wood and stone were astounding.

Next, the Gothic art represented the paintings of Jaune Huguet, Lluis Bovvassa, Bernat Martorell, and so on. Other than these, I found a few sculptural works, liturgical works and decorative pieces. The next exhibition of Renaissance and Baroque art showed the evolution of European art. There were some beautiful collections of Spanish and international artists.

Being a lover of historical places and things, I could figure out the development of art from the early 11th century to the 20th century. We next walked into the collections of 19th and 20th centuries of Modern Art exhibiting neoclassicism of 1950s. I could also see the works depicting the Catalan movement like Nouceu tisme and Modernisme. The exhibits showed the greatness of Picasso, Gargallo, Gaudi, Torne, and Joan Miro.

Furthermore, there were vast collections of drawings, prints and posters of artists Fortuny, Casas, and so on. The photography session was amazing and since I love photography, I could get into the details of pictorials. The whole visit took around five hours and we were surprised that we were completely lost in it.

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