Casa Mila Barcelona – The Architectural Marvel of Barcelona

My husband came up to me with the day’s schedule, which meant we had to start by 10 o’clock. The next place in the list was Casa Mila, which is located in Passeig de Gracia. By the time we got ready the cab was arranged and informed. Within a few minutes we were off to Casa Mila, which is 5 km away from the hotel.     

The cab driver informed us that we take twenty minutes to reach the place. Casa Mila is the architectural marvel of Barcelona, Spain. On reaching there I learned that it is called La Pedrera, which in English means ‘the stone quarry’. Built in the years between 1906 and 1912, this ‘Catalan Modernism’ building is the ambitious work of the architect genius Antoni Gaudi. The place was open from 9 am to 10 pm for the public, though only in weekdays.

Casa Milà Barcelona
Casa Milà Barcelona | Image Resource :

We bought tickets, which included the price of audio guide. True to its purpose, Casa Mila offers one a deep understanding of the work of Gaudi. We were ushered to the Espai Gaudi, as well as the Pedrera Apartment, which are the museums. I was intrigued by the attic, Espai Gaudi, built with catenary arches of different heights. I showed us the fundamental aspects of architecture, and Gaudi’s prominent works, which were exhibited through the models, designs, plans, and so on.

Espai Gaudi Barcelona
Espai Gaudi Barcelona | Image Resource :

Next, we climbed to the fourth floor to reach the Pedrera Apartment. There were two abodes, where one is used to offer the audiovisual presentations of the history of Barcelona. It was an impressive way of sharing information and I learned about the happenings in the period between 1909, the Tragic Week and 1929, the World Fair. The second abode showcased a bourgeois apartment with the original fixtures of La Pedrera. 

The courtyards in the area were beautifully designed to offer color and veritable forms. We also walked into the exhibition hall showcasing the architectural beauty of Gaudi. The Roof-Terrace was something to see as it showed many sculptures designed to structure chimneys and ventilation towers. 

An amazing place, announced by the UNESCO as the World Heritage Site, Casa Mila stands tall as the epitome of architectural splendor of Barcelona.

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