The Busy Streets of Chatuchak Weekend Market

As one enters the busy streets of the Chatuchak weekend market the historic, massive clock tower which stands tall at the center of the market welcomes you. As we moved further into the main city of Thailand for trip, it was time for some shopping. Joseph was just thrilled. 

The Thai markets are quite similar to Indian market, filled with hustle and bustle, the howling of vendors and an assortment of novel products always on sale. I decided to make some savings and at the same time take a great Thai experience by shopping like a real localite at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. It was time for me to bring out my bargaining skills. 

The Chatuchak market is also often referred to as the JJ Market in Bangkok. It is located on the main road of Bangkok that is the Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road. The region itself is known as Chatuchak and hence the name.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok
Chatuchak Weekend Market Bangkok | Image Resource :

The market is referred to as a weekend market because like many Indian sales the markets are open only on weekends between 9 am and 6 pm. These days the market is also open from 6 to 12 pm midnight on Fridays. I am told that on Friday nights the Chatuchak market is the real place to get a good Thai street food experience.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Street Stall
Chatuchak Weekend Market Street Stall | Image Resource :

The Chatuchak Market is among the busiest markets in Asia and is the largest of its kind in South East Asia. The market is by far the largest in Thailand and almost a million and a half people shop across the streets of the Chatuchak Market. The market consists of a total of 27 sections; some of them are dedicated to certain item like antiques. 

The antique market of Thailand is the cheapest in the world and if you are in love of gems and ceramic decorative the JJ market has a devoted section just for you. In total 9 kinds of special sections are present in the market and close to 8500 stalls and shops of different proportions are lined up along the streets of Chatuchak.

The best time to visit the market is after dusk, because the market is quite crowded and the heat of the afternoon makes it difficult to stay out for long. The market is also quite popular for its pet section, fresh food and beverages, food vendors, dry food, furniture, new and even used clothes. I also brought quite a few books from the book market. The used books could be bought for meagre prices. After a busy day of shopping, our appetite was filled and so were our bags. We were tired and Joseph fell asleep in the taxi itself.

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