Exploring Bangkok’s Heritage : The National Museum

It was now time for some more exploration of the Thai culture and art. The Rama Kings had brought prosperity to their country and the rich heritage developed their days included a dedicated preservation of artefacts and scriptures. Since the Neolithic ages Thailand has been a culturally rich region o the world just like others parts of the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia. 

The city of Bangkok is among the oldest cities of South Asia and the National Museum is a celebration of the rich heritage and significance of Thai art and literature. We decided to visit the second museum on our trip because I am an art lover from the core of my heart. The real colours of a nation cannot be witnessed without indulging into its cultural heritage.

The national museum in Bangkok is the largest museum in South Asia and among the largest and busiest in Asia. The museum also undertakes active research in the field of Thai literature, art forms and scriptures.

National Museum Bangkok
National Museum Bangkok | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

The city of Bangkok has witnessed the largest peacetime in Asia’s history which is the central reason for academic excellence in the region in all spheres especially in art and literature. The spiritual teachings of Buddhism have also been preserved in form of scriptures at the National Museum which has the largest collection of such scriptures after Nalanda University in Bihar, India.

The government of Thailand and the royal family have both supported the National Museum very well. Utmost care has been taken for preservation of artefacts and investment has been done to keep the museum open for tourists at all times. Unlike other museums in Thailand there is no dual pricing system at the National Museum. The United Nations has accepted the National Museum as a World Heritage Site. The King Rama IV’s collections are the biggest attraction of the museum.

King Rama V’s Carved Ivory Smoking Pipes
King Rama V’s Carved Ivory Smoking Pipes | Image Resource : ferretingoutthefun.com
Gold Jewelry at National Museum Bangkok
Gold Jewelry at National Museum Bangkok | Image Resource : ferretingoutthefun.com
Buddhist Relics from the Dvaravati Period (6th-13th centuries.)
Buddhist Relics from the Dvaravati Period (6th-13th centuries.) | Image Resource : ferretingoutthefun.com

The national museum also has a large collection of Neolithic artefacts. The Archaeological Art History section preserves artefacts created out of bronze from the copper age. The Art History Gallery and the Prehistory gallery located in the Siwamokhaphiman Hall are also great tourists attraction and we spent long hours in the hall observing great art pieces.

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