A Luxurious Stay at the Adelphi Grande Hotel

The Adelphi Grande Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in central Bangkok. The hotel is a popular choice amongst tourists because of its hospitality and easy accessibility. The Adelphi Grande hotel is located in Sukhumvit and is very close to the international airport.

The hotel can be reached via a taxi in around 15 to 20 minutes from the Bangkok airport. The hotel has extremely positive reviews on all online booking websites and this is why I chose to stay at this hotel with my family for my trip to the city of Bangkok.

Adelphi Grande Bangkok
Adelphi Grande Bangkok | Image Resource : asiahopping.com/

The Adelphi Grande is also a value for money hotel. It offers all the facilities that premium five star hotels offers but at a considerable lower price. Some of the features of the Adelphi include a large swimming pool with special section for kids. A widely acclaimed spa, with a special Thai message therapy is also available. I felt completely rejuvenated after taking the message and all our jet lag was completely gone. Joseph had a great time at the game parlour which included 3D video games. 

We then went into the restaurant and decided to have a traditional Thai breakfast. It was really authentic. Lemongrass, curry and turmeric flavours were completely fresh. The green tea was just divine. The sweet dish tasted as beautiful as it looked. All in all the food was beyond our expectations. Although the taste palette of Thai food is quite similar to Indian food yet it has a number of unique dimensions to it.

Swimming Pool in Adelphi Grande Bangkok
Swimming Pool in Adelphi Grande Bangkok | Image Resource : asiahopping.com/

Our rooms at the Adelphi Grande cost us around 7000 rupees for a day which was an exceptional price given the facilities. All thanks to my hotel app. The Queen sized bed and a fully loaded kitchen with pantry were also available in the room.

A large flat screen was available in both the main rooms. The best feature for me was the free Wi-Fi, being a technology addict it is difficult for me to stay offline for long. The net speed was quite good. The entire stay at the Hotel Adelphi Grande was satisfying and comfortable. We felt energised to start our trip of the city of Bangkok.

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