Exploring the Sea at the Siam Ocean World

The Siam Ocean World was the next item on our itinerary. After two days of long exploration it was important for us to go to a recreational spot where could take a day off. The Siam Ocean World was just the perfect destination for us to cool off our minds. The aquarium is a mega structure and is spread across an area of 10,000 square meters.

It is larger than any other such structure in Thailand. Even in India we had never seen something like the Siam Ocean World. It has a vast collection of both sea water and fresh water species even though the focus is on preservation and awareness regarding species residing in the Indian and South Pacific Oceans.

Siam Ocean World Bangkok
Siam Ocean World Bangkok | Image Resource : tica.or.th

The Siam Ocean World is an extremely professional place. Tourists are well guided to each and every feature of the aquarium and the number of guides available per group of 10 people is 2. Although one can also get a separate guide for their family by paying a few extra bucks which is exactly what we did. I wanted Joseph to learn a bit about sea creatures which have always thrilled him, even though he did not have a good chance to see them till then.

Fish in Siam Ocean World Bangkok
Fish in Siam Ocean World Bangkok | Image Resource : petsfoto.com

My husband and I are ourselves sea lovers. We were born are bred in Karnataka and the beaches and sea shore were a huge part of our childhoods, even though now we live in urban Bangalore far away from the howling of the mighty waves of the ocean their crashing on to the coast still reverberates inside our heads. It was a great opportunity for us as well to come close to our childhood days at the Siam Ocean world surrounded by 500,000 litres of water.

The management of the Siam Ocean World charges double the entrance fee from non-Thai families and hence if you know somebody in Thailand, make sure you take them with you. Still, the tickets are not too highly priced and anyone would realise it is worth spending money on a trip to the beautiful and enriching Siam Ocean World in the first five minutes of their trip.

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