Chao Phraya River - The Heaven of the Tourist

The Chao Phraya River is to Thailand what the river Ganges us to us. It is the most important river in Bangkok. After passing through Bangkok the river flows into the Gulf of Thailand. It brings rich alluvial deposits to the plains of Thailand. It is also worshipped all across the country like Ganges is worshipped all across India.

It is often referred to as mother water. The Chao Phraya is also a tourist’s heaven. The beauty of the calm and crystal clear water of the river brings unspeakable joy to one’s heart. My son Joseph was excited to take a boat trip across the river. Many house boats are available for tourists for going around the Chao Phraya especially close to the Arun Wat Temple.

Chao Phraya River Bangkok
Chao Phraya River Bangkok | Image Resource :

Quite often it is important for me and my husband to get outside the daily sequences of life and find some peaceful time for ourselves. I am a working woman and between being a software engineer and a mother, quite often I miss being a wife. This little trip gave me ample time to spend with my husband. Sitting in a house boat on the tranquil waters of the holy river Chao Phraya we contemplated about how our lives have turned up. It is quite funny to think about the alternative paths life could have taken.

Thai Green Papaya Salads
Thai Green Papaya Salads | Image Resource :

Coming back to the beautiful river Phraya, the main features on the river are the Chinese House Boats and the Food Vendor Boats. If you have not tasted authentic Thai Cuisine starting from green papaya salads to steamed fish, these boats bring to you the most original and more importantly the freshest flavours of Thailand. Bangkok hotels and restaurants have almost lost that touch but these suburban vendors have kept their family recipes alive and well preserved.

Thai Steamed Fish
Thai Steamed Fish | Image Resource :

Finally we ended the day watching the sun set from a Chinese house boats. The boat itself was a beautiful structure. Fashioned like a dragon the boat was a mega structure with three stories. Although it looked quite traditional there was absolutely no modern facility that the boat did not have. It was quite an experience taking a ride in the Chinese house boat.

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