Wat Arun : The Temple of the Morning Sun

The Wat Arun Temple or the Temple of Dawn in Thailand is among the most important Buddhist temples around the world. Wat literally translates into temple and the Arun into Dawn. It is named so because of the brilliant shine of the temple under the morning sun. The temple resembles a shining pearl in the early light of the day.

To witness this beautiful I woke up my family early in the morning, before sunrise and travelled to the Arun Wat temple in Bangkok which was not very far from my hotel. The trip took around 45 minutes by road. Getting up early paid up and we witnessed by far the most beautiful sunrise of our lives.

Wat Arun Temple of the Dawn Bangkok
Wat Arun Temple of the Dawn Bangkok | Image Resource : bangkok-boat-trip.blogspot.in

The most important feature of the temple is its architecture and design. The Prangs or the towers are Khmer style and central prang is marvellous and gigantic construction. The coloured stones which were used for the construction of the temple were hand carved by skilled artisans.

The construction and expansion of the Arun Wat has been a very long endeavour. Although a Buddhist temple did exist at the Arun Wat site during the 13th and 14th centuries as well but the current form of the temple came into being only in the 17th and the 18th centuries when kings Rama II and III devoted substantial resources into the expansion of the Wat.

Under Rama III the extension was completed and the temple came into its current form. The Arun Wat also looks phenomenal in the night, since it has been now developed as a tourism centre in Bangkok lighting is also done during the night. The beautiful river Chao Phraya flows close to the temple, and in fact the temple is located on its banks. The beautiful visuals of prayer during the night are complemented by the melodious chants of the monks.

The spiritual awakening that we received at the Arun Wat temple was best possible start for our trip into Bangkok. As we move on there would be more fun and frolic but this visit was all about peace, serenity and food for the soul.

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