Beginning of an Adventure : Bangalore to Bangkok flight

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand which is among the most populated and developed countries in South East Asia. The city Bangkok offers a galore of entertainment options which cannot be enjoyed in any other part of the world. Although the city has preserved the traditions and unique cuisine of Thailand, western and European influences are quite visible.

The city is a cosmopolitan one and is densely populated. The streets are always alive be it 2 in the night or 6 in the morning. As I embark on a journey to this beautiful city with my family, I would like to share my experiences with all of you. Let’s Begin.

I decided to take a trip to Thailand, because my family and I are quite attracted towards beaches. The beauty of sea enthrals us and captures our imagination. We had till now visited a number of beaches in India and had a great time but this time we decided to explore a bit further and visit Thailand.

The beautiful beaches in the city are not only popular in Asia but all around the world. One can see them marked with thousands of tourists all around the year. We had to travel from Bangalore to Bangkok and we decided to take the air route given the short duration of our holidays. We just could not waste time in a journey. We wanted to get there and enjoy as quickly as we could. Joseph my son was particularly excited.

We decided to take book flight hotel for Bangkok with Spice Jet which is the leading private airline in India. Its services in South East Asia are extensive and value for money to say the least. The flights are always right on time and extremely comfortable. The crew is good especially with the kids which is a priority for me given that Joseph is one naughty kid.

Spice Jet
Spice Jet | Image Resource :
Netaji Bose International airport in Kolkata
Netaji Bose International airport in Kolkata | Image Resource :
Suvarnbhumi international airport in Bangkok
Suvarnbhumi international airport in Bangkok | Image Resource :

One can book the cheapest flight and hotel for Bangkok using the online Spice Jet app. This app is easy to use and offers a neutral point of you. You can choose based on a variety of parameters including the cost, flight time, intermediate stops. I first flew from Bangalore to the Netaji Bose International airport in Kolkata and then to the Suvarnbhumi international airport in Bangkok. The flights were separated by just three hours.

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