The Beautiful History of Indonesia

I recently visited Indonesia and learned a lot about their history. I was quite amused to know some of the ancient facts associated with Indonesia.

Facts about Human settlement :

This country has one of the oldest histories in the world. You may have heard about the “java man” or “Homo erectus”. They inhabited the region nearly half a million years ago.  Many  historians also consider that around forty thousand years  ago, the ancestors of Papuans passed through these regions while they were travelling to the east before reaching New Guinea and Australia. Later, during millennium B.C, the real ancestors of today's Malayo-Polynesian, Javanese and other Malay people came to Indonesia. These are some of the (word deleted) facts about human settlements that were related to Indonesia.

Religion :

Many religious and cultural reforms took place due to the various trade contracts with mainland of Southeast Asia, China and India. There were some Indianized empires in Sriwijaya. These regions were situated near straits of Malacca and coast of Sumatra. For more than a thousand years, this part was one of the major trading regions that connected different sections of archipelago.

Growth of Islam :

With the changing time, Islam became quite dominant in this region. In the 18th and 19th century, many Muslim traders from India started promoting and teaching values of Islam amongst the locals. This fueled the fondness of Indonesian people towards Islam.  The first Islamic state was already created in Indonesia even before Marco Polo arrived at North Sumatra. Later, Java's north coast ruler captured the Hindu-based Majapahit Empire of the Javanese hinterland and adapted to another creed. This faith was adopted by countless people throughout archipelago. This is the reason why Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world.

These are some of the crucial things that you must know about  the history and origin of the Indonesian culture. Hope you liked this post. Feel free to comment or share your thoughts on the topic. I would be more than happy to read them.

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