It Is Raining Fish At Barra Del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica

The next day, after our visit to the children’s museum, we planned our trip to Barra Del Colorado Wildlife Refuge, Costa Rica. It was a two-hour drive and we hired a cab and set out at 7AM to Limon, which houses the wildlife refuge. It is one of the largest wildlife conservatories in the country.

Barra Del Colorado is actually a rain forest preserve and just close to it, is another national park, which is the Tortuguero National Park. Both of these parks have several birds, animals and plant species, including mangroves that the authorities protect.

Barra Del Colorado Wildlife Refuge Costa Rica
Barra Del Colorado Wildlife Refuge Costa Rica | Image Resource :

The tourists could book themselves into a room at the cottage for their overnight stay; however, the rates are a bit higher when compared to other places within the surrounding areas. While we were walking around, I could see several anglers with baits and fishing instruments and each of them seemed to have caught several fish. We got to know that the main occupation of the people here was fishing and they earned a large part of their income through fishing.

There is plenty of fish available here throughout the year and as such, the people started trading the fish to the neighbouring villages and towns too. The aquatic animals were a remarkable sight. There were different coloured fish and of various sizes too.

We got to see the fin whale, but not fully. However, the sight of the small portion of the whale was enough to excite my son. I tried fishing and was not disappointed. I caught several fish and it would have been a surprise if I had not; there were abundant fish in the waters.

The snake park within the wildlife sanctuary had the Boa Constrictor, the narrow-headed vine snake, the pythons and various other species of snakes. Though the fish, flora and some fauna are the only things to see here, it was worth a visit to Barra Del Colorado Wildlife Refuge. One trait that I observed here were the friendly attitude of the people. They serve the guests with a smile and are ever willing to give a helping hand. Overall, our trip to the place was a good experience.

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