Mouth-Watering Cuisine That Is the Costa Rica Traditional Food

I would always cherish my visit to Costa Rica. The beaches, sands, monuments, trekking and the wildlife sanctuaries were all worth the visit. However, one of the important points that I did not mention in my travels is about the Costa Rica traditional food. I found that the rice and beans always form the main part of their diet.

Here, locals have rice even for breakfast. I requested the hotel staff to give serve us the local food during our stay there and they obliged immediately. The first day, the waiter brought rice mixed with black beans and eggs. This was for breakfast. There was also fried plantains and cheese.

Rice Mixed with Black Beans and Eggs Dish Costa Rica
Rice Mixed with Black Beans and Eggs Dish Costa Rica | Image Resource :

The staff explained that the people were health-conscious and they had a heavy meal first thing in the morning. Though simple, it was so tasty that I had a second serving of the same. I learnt that the name of the dish is “Gallo Pinto.” The beverage that accompanies it would be coffee or juice, whatever we prefer.

Gallo Pinto Dish Costa Rica
Gallo Pinto Dish Costa Rica | Image Resource :

The lunches were interesting too. The waiter served us with a dish called “Casados” that in simple terms; we refer as rice and beans. The rice and beans are not mixed but given to the customer as two separate dishes. This meal would have meat or fish and tortilla or salad as an accompaniment. The people here do not believe in having heavy or a separate dinner. This would also have rice with chicken, vegetables or salads.

Casados Dish Costa Rica
Casados Dish Costa Rica | Image Resource :

The other famous dish of Costa Rica that we happened to try was “arroz con pollo”, which literally means rice-chicken. In-between snacks or brunches were the Bocas, Ceviche, which is shrimp or fish with onion and limejuice. A typical dish that we happened to taste was Chimichurri, which are tomatoes and onions in limejuice. We had not tasted these dishes before. In fact, I was unaware about the limejuice and onion combinations!

Arroz Con Pollo Dish Costa Rica
Arroz Con Pollo Dish Costa Rica | Image Resource :
Ceviche Snacks Costa Rica
Ceviche Snacks Costa Rica | Image Resource :
Chimichurri Dish Costa Rica
Chimichurri Dish Costa Rica | Image Resource :

We enjoyed the Costa Rica traditional food of Ensalada de frutas, which is the fruit salad. It contained the local and tropical fruits such as papaya, banana and many other such fruits. Most of their food included cream and cheese, but these dishes tingles the taste buds. My mouth still waters when I think of the cuisines that I tried in Costa Rica.

Ensalada de frutas Costa Rica
Ensalada de frutas Costa Rica | Image Resource :

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