A taste of pure coffee at the Doka Estate Coffee Farm Costa Rica

Calculating the nearest distance, our first visit after checking into the hotel, was the Doka Estate Coffee Farm Costa Rica. This place has acres of land and most of the plantations here consist of coffee. The family is in to the business of growing, harvesting and selling the coffee. They continue this tradition from a long time and the taste of the coffee that we got here was amazing.

Doka Estate Coffee Farm Costa Rica
Doka Estate Coffee Farm Costa Rica | Image Resource : travelocostarica.com

We, of course, had to pay a fee and there was a guide to take us around the place and explain in detail about each step and show us the samples. We were able to see the seeds that they sowed in order to grow it into plants. He did show us to the saplings too. The guide explained the process of taking out the coffee beans. I tried my hand at it too. It was not an easy task and we understood the amount of work that goes into the making of coffee powder.


The guide took us around to the machinery, which they use to powder the beans into coffee. The smell of coffee that filled my nostrils was thrilling. We did get to taste the coffee here and being a family that crazy for coffee, I packed some for myself too. I still know the difference of the fresh coffee whenever I prepare it at home.


We got to know that the customers could order their coffee online. The plantation owners have had people, who have come to the farm to look at the place, but have ended up becoming regular coffee buying customers. 

In several places, just a few distances away from the coffee plants, I could see a garden with various flowers. Upon enquiry, the guide informed us that these flowers and plants served as food for the birds and insects. They did this so that they would not feast on the coffee plants.


Our tour of Doka Estate Coffee Farm Costa Rica ended in three hours; but not before we got some mouthful of coffee chocolates! This is a must-visit for all coffee lovers and those who want to get first-hand knowledge of coffee powder preparation.

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