A Good Study Of Botany And Zoology At Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Costa Rica

It was about 3 hours drive from our hotel to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Costa Rica. It is a huge Forest reserve that consists of many species of plants, animals, reptiles and insects. As per the information that we got, tourists keep visiting this place and the number of tourists visiting the place keeps increasing every year.


As per the advice of the hotel staff, we carried warm clothes, raincoats and backpacks with enough food and water. Since we were not sure about the start point and the right direction to go, we hired a guide. He was very helpful and had complete knowledge about the place and he took us around the forest in less than 4 hours!

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Costa Rica
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Costa Rica | Image Resource : travelinparadisecr.com

The guide did recommend that we stay the night there, as the day trek is different from the night. However, we had not planned for a stay-over and told him that we would want to complete the visit soon and head back to the hotel. We started our trial at around 9AM and we were dumbstruck because it was very quiet and peaceful there. 

Additionally, we were walking in a forest that was millions of years old! The varieties of trees along with the instruction and explanations from the guide gave us ample knowledge about the place and the species of the flora. We saw spider monkeys and there were many of them there. 

We saw the humming birds, quetzals and varieties of other birds. Our experienced guide knew where the birds and animals had their shelter and he was patient enough to wait for us to take photographs of the birds, and ourselves. Apart from these, we were able to lay our eyes on centipedes, millipedes, snails and walking stick bugs. This forest is a habitat for many species of amphibians too. 

It was an overall great experience to visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Costa Rica. As per the instructions of the guide, we visited the Hummingbird gallery at the bottom and bought some fine gift articles. I was also able to buy some authentic and beautiful Costa Rican animals here. This is a must-visit place for the photographers, bird watchers, nature lovers and trekkers.

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