Blending with the nature at Chirripo National Park Costa Rica

At the hotel, we got the information that we would need almost an entire day to visit the Chirripo National Park, Costa Rica. We would have to first reach the nearest town, San Isidro and then take a vehicle from there to reach Chirripo. Not wanting to miss any aspect of our visit, we reached San Gerardo the previous evening, took accommodation in one of the hotels there and reached the park as early as 3AM the next morning.

Chirripo National Park Costa Rica
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We had to pay an entry fee and had to stand in a queue to obtain the pass from the rangers to climb the trail. They gave the passes on first-come-first-serve basis. Chirripo is one of the wildest parks in this place, but it is also the place, which tourists enjoy the most. We started out trek at about 6 AM. We planned to stay the night there and pre-booked our stay in one of the huts, since we knew that we could not complete the climb in one day.


As per the instructions, we carried plenty of water, food, sleeping bags, warm clothes, torches and sunscreen lotions in our backpacks. The climb, though tiring, was refreshing and a great physical exercise for all of us.  When we reached halfway up to the top, we had to stop and rest for the day at one of the lodgings. It was a log hut with bunk beds and we got stoves, tumblers and plates to eat in the hut.

We started our climb the next day, through long, winding paths and trails and reached the top almost during the mid-day. It was as if we have conquered the world! The view from the summit was amazing. I was speechless! The beautiful oceans, the high altitude of the mountain and the flora surrounding the place was so serene and quiet. 

We stayed another day at Chirripo National Park Costa Rica and visited the wildlife park too. We saw several animals and birds here. Spider monkeys, trogans, quetzals and many of the bird and animals species were visible. This is one of the best visits for people to blend with nature and get a feel of the natural way of life!

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