An Interactive Session for the Children At Museo De Los Ninos San Jose Costa Rica

My son, upon looking at the list of places to visit which I had prepared, immediately declared that he had to visit the children’s museum. Therefore, right after the visit to the Cathedral, we headed to Museo de Los Ninos San Jose Costa Rica. This is the only famous and the biggest children’s museum in San Jose. 

Museo De Los Ninos San Jose Costa Rica
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The building itself looks dominating, huge and expansive. The building has as many as 40 rooms and each room has different topics and subject. It is a free entry to the museum and it was a good thing that we had our lunch before going to the museum. As soon as we entered it, we knew that we would not be able to exit the place for at least 3 hours! This museum had everything; natural planet studies, ecology, zoology, astronomy, various branches of science and human life and amazingly, communications too!

It was good to see the excitement that our son had for everything within this museum. The best thing about the museum is that it has all the attractions for children of all age groups. The entire building had a castle-like look and every nook and corner inside the building had good decorations and large windows and arches. 

Even if we were to go there without the kids, it would have been an amazing experience. I enjoyed the art section very much. There were collections of several artists such as Picasso, Andy Warhol etc. Our son got to try his hand on the games available there. We, of course, had to pay for the games but the rates were nominal. The staff was very helpful and had ample knowledge about various topics. 

We knew that the place would be extremely crowded on weekends; therefore, coming on a Wednesday was a good decision. Secondly, as per the instructions of our hotel staff, we would be in a better position to navigate the street if we went and came back before the rush hour. We finished our visit to Museo de Los Ninos San Jose around 4 pm and were back at the hotel room and ready to retire for the day.

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