A Quiet Time At The Metropolitan Cathedral, San Jose, Costa Rica

Right after our coffee plantation visit, our next place of visit was the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Jose. I had read about the destruction of the original structure due to an earthquake. The present structure, re-built in the year of 1871, is a place worth visit. However, nothing prepared me for the sight that I saw. 

The Church is huge and the design and the construction of the same had the feel of mixed styles to it. This is the largest church in San Jose and information revealed that, in 1990, the concerned authorities had refurnished it. The outside view of the church is breathtaking; it is a tall white building and at the front, there are huge pillars, which look like it is supporting the entire church. The flooring on the outside, I noted, had mosaic tiles.

Metropolitan Cathedral San Jose Costa Rica
Metropolitan Cathedral San Jose Costa Rica | Image Resource : costarica.com

I could find traces of Greek and traditional styles to the architecture of the building. I stepped inside and drew in my breath. What a beauty the interior was! The ceiling is high and the entire length of the nave has a long stretch of semi-circular columns. The ceiling, decorated with beautiful designs and chandeliers, gives out a positive vibe and energy.

Inside the cathedral, there are stained glass windows and I could see some scenes from the Bible depicted therein. The wooden aisles have pillars on either side of them and the floors have elegant tiles. At the altar, I could see a cupola ceiling, decorated ornately. The figure of Christ itself in made in wood and this main altar has the figures of cherubs. At the backdrop, very artistically and intelligently done, are the murals of Jesus and the Holy Father. 

Once I finished examining the inside, I stepped outside. There is a small chapel next to the main church and this chapel has several paintings and the “Sacramento.” However, at the time that I visited the place, it was not open and therefore, I could not look at the displays inside. Outside, there is ample parking space and the surroundings are crowded. A good end to our visit to Metropolitan cathedral, San Jose, Costa Rica.

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