Macau Tower - A Must Choice for Adrenaline Junkies

In spite of being a married woman, mother of a little prince, I still feel the adrenaline rush whenever I come across any adventure sport. And to be very honest this madness of mine still exists due to the encouragement of my husband. Though he ensures the aspects of my safety, he is my prime support in all my adventurous endeavours. Wherever I go for any vacation I always try to visit any exciting destination that will give me some adrenaline rush. While in Macau I searched for such places and found the Macau tower to suit the purpose. And we were all set to visit the place. Macau is a wonderfully designed place and to behold its beauty from the sky is something worth a shot.

Macau Tower
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Located in the Administrative Region of China, which was a previously a Portuguese colony the Macau Tower or Macau Sky Tower is a 1,109 feet tall edifice. The observation platform existing on the Macau Tower offers a panoramic view. There are shopping malls, restaurants, theatres and the amazing Skywalk X also. The Skywalk X is indeed a breath-taking adrenaline filled tour, where we walked round the outer edge of the Macau Tower. Part of the World Federation of Great Towers, the Macau Tower is the world’s tallest point for Bungee jumping as ventured by the world famous bungee jumper AJ Hackett. How I have always yearned to experience this sport throughout my life, but unfortunately never got the chance to experience it.

The view from the top was actually amazing. The Macau Tower Skywalk is definitely not to be experienced by the faint hearted people. It is indeed a great experience to take a tour around this tower. We enjoyed the other entertainment activities as well that are available within the tower. We also visited the malls and restaurants there and encountered some delicious cuisines. The shops in the malls had some amazing collections and are thus crowded by people.


The Macau Tower looks amazing in the evening when it is all lit up. The sparkling reflection on the clear water in front of it is something worth to behold.

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