Monte Fort Macau – Specimen of the Oldest Buildings of Macau

Monte Fort Macau
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Whenever I plan for any travel or be a part of any vacation planned by someone else, I make sure to visit the adventurous and historical places of the destination if there are any. There are mainly two reasons for this, first, personally I am fond of stories and such places abounds in some interesting historical backgrounds. Secondly, being fond of photography, I have noticed that these places provide some amazing snap shots to be treasured in the albums forever. Thus once in Macau, I could not resist from visiting the Monte Fort Macau, one of the oldest buildings of Macau. My husband always encourages me in everything I want to explore and so this time also I was sure that he would accompany me with full interest and spirit.


Situated to the east of St. Paul’s Ruins, the Monte Fort is the historical military hub of the Portuguese colony in Macau. It is considered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the oldest military buildings in Macau. It requires a lot of stamina to climb the stairs to the top.Though my kid was excited to climb the long set of steps, but he was obviously tired after sometime and was asking us to carry him. Now that was a tough thing to do, as our legs were already aching. My husband tried to draw his attention towards the surrounding things and make him walk quite a bit. But eventually he was to be carried the rest of the way either by me or my husband. By looking at the placement of the cannons, we were transported back in time when Macau was just an enclave surrounded by the sea and this Fortress was built to defend the city. The main buildings within the fort are the barracks, the cisterns and the storehouses. In fact the fort actually is a part of a larger complex which includes an educational facility and the St. Paul’s Church.


We took some really wonderful photos in Monte Fort Macau and the one in front of the cannon is still hanging in my drawing room. After this we had plans to visit the Macau Tower.

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