Fisherman's Wharf Macau — All Day Fun and Excitement

When I am on vacations with my family, I always make it a point that we all have a really good time together. Especially my little kid Joseph gets very excited to visit new places and tourist destinations. And if there is any chance of visiting any theme park, then his joys know no bounds. So when he was told what is the Fisherman’s wharf Macau all about, his excitement could be read in his eyes. He got ready before anyone else and was upset about the fact that why his parents were taking so much time. Theme parks are my favourites also and you really have to see my husband when he gets into any ride of the theme parks. His reactions are a mixture of fear and excitement. I still have the pictures of Fisherman’s wharf, and to know whether I am speaking the truth or not you will have to come to my place and check them out.

Located near the Hong Kong - Macau Ferry Pier, Fisherman’s wharf is an amazing theme park to be enjoyed by the whole family. It is a little different from the usual concept of the theme park as it not only harbours rides but also has its own casino and many shops and eateries. It is a heavenly place to a shopaholic like me, as there are so much collections of different articles to confuse you as what to take and what to leave. Joseph was so enthralled to see the artificial volcano emitting vibrant flames, and the Jet-Ski stunts which are simply something to see. There are a number of clubs that will be liked very much by the party addicts. We three enjoyed the amazing rides, though few of them were really scary. But I personally enjoyed the adrenaline rush and I could say from my husband’s smirk that he also felt the same. We also ventured few eateries over there to taste authentic cuisine of Macau.


We had a blast in Fisherman’s wharf Macau. And our little one was way too happy throughout the day. We decided to venture another spot, Monte Fort Macau and were hoping to enjoy that as well.

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