Camoes Garden Macau – Tranquillity amidst Noise

Camoes Garden Macau
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Going on holidays bring such a relief to me! I suppose it is the same for all, but for a software engineers, holidays again bring them back to a normal life. Or else our lives do not have a proper routine throughout the working days. So on vacations I try to relax and rejuvenate myself so that I will be able to perform my duties well both at home and in the office. And vacations with my family are really very exciting for me as I get to spend the entire time with my little Joseph and my doting husband. So holiday in Macau was also a wonderful experience for me, for not only we had a great time together but there are many wonderful places to behold. Macau is a bustling city and it is hard to find a peaceful ambience in the middle of the hustle and bustle of it. But we actually encountered one serene place once we visited the Camoes garden Macau.


Meandering pathways surrounded by hills, daunting trees and grass fields mosaicked with vibrant flowers make this garden a loved attraction of Macau. My little one was very excited to see the little butterflies moving around the flowers and was funny to watch as he attempted to catch one. This garden was named after the famous Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes, who was exiled from his motherland and compelled to live in Macau for two years.


The poet is said to compose many of his famous lyrics in this garden. One of the striking aspects of this garden is the Camoes Grotto, built around the bust of Luis de Camoes. There are inscription from the poems of the poet at the grotto, which overlooks the large garden. Seating arrangements are there shaded with banyan trees. The bronze statue titled “Embraced” situated at the entrance of the garden signifies the age-old friendship of Portuguese and Chinese. The peak point of the garden, the Gazebo, offers a spectacular view of the harbour.


The natural beauty, cultural and artistic importance has made Camoes garden Macau so popular among the natives as well as outsiders. We also had a wonderful time in the Fisherman’s Wharf Macau which we visited after this.

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