Sun Yat Sen Park Macau - Standing Witness of China-Portugal Bond

Our next destination was the Sun Yat Sen Park Macau which is a well- maintained park and has its name derived from a great man in the history of China, Dr. Sun Yat Sen. He is mainly famous as the founding father of China. We had to travel to the northern part of the city close to the border separating Zhuhai and Our Lady of Fatima Parish. We were really excited as we knew it was very near to the Barrier Gate as well as the Canal dos Patos, a dead canal at that time. I came to know from the local residents that Canal Dos Patos Park was the original name of the park in order to depict the close relationship that existed between Portugal and China. We were extremely amazed to know that there were 43 such parks with the same name located in different corners of the globe. It was spread over a wide area which was more than 17 acres. Being the largest park in this area, it receives different kinds of donations from the rich people. According t history, the present name of the park was formally announced in the year 1990 after a full length statue representing the legend Dr. Sun Yat Sen was constructed close to the entrance.

Sun Yat Sen Park Macau
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On entering the park, we found that the entire park was divided in two chief sections, each of which was different from the other. On the north eastern part of the park, we could see a typical Chinese garden equipped with a bent bridge, towers, pavilions and artificial lakes. But we found the south west portion of the park to be much different as it was built following the European style and had greenhouse gardens and athletic facilities.

We then went to one of the most formidable statues I had ever seen till that day; it was the two hands in shaking position located in the middle and representing the bond between Portugal and China. However, before leaving the park, we also went to the Public Library named Huang Junying in order to witness its rich and amazing collection of books and other vital documents. After that, we left for the next destination.

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