A Ma Temple Macau – Locate Your Inner Peace

Located in the southern part of Macau peninsula A Ma Temple Macau, is one of the most oldest and famous Taoists temple in Macau. Even I am not much of a sacred person A Ma Temple marked a touch of royal and grand on me. The locals guided me with the most famous story about the temple. It is said that when the Portuguese sailors landed at the coast just outside the temple and asked the name of the land, then the natives replied with Jytuping and since then Portuguese named the place as Macau. The temple is designated with Historic centre of Macau. It has also been enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage.

A Ma Temple Macau
A Ma Temple Macau | Image Resource : panoramio.com

A Ma Temple offer spectacular views and silence of the nature. I entered the temple and was fully amazed by its classic Chinese architecture treasures. The temple contains six parts. Entering the temple, there was a Hongren Hall across the gateway. The statue of Mazuis situated there and worshipped; it is also believed that the hall has the longest history in the whole complex. By moving further we came across the Hall of Avalokiteswara. It was constructed in a simple and decent way.

Inside View Of A Ma Temple Macau
Inside View Of A Ma Temple Macau | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

When we moved forward, we saw Zhengjiaochailin (a Buddhist hall). It was designed elegantly in both size and architectural style. Not only the sacred and holy places, but the temple also has the measure of rich and profound culture. The poems and the inscription carved on the stalls added more beauty to the place. When we were present there, many male and female disciples burnt lot of incense. By asking the native people we got to know that they were paying homage and were praying for good fortune. These rituals happen during the birthday of Mazu and the Chinese New Year.


A Ma Temple Macau is one of the best places to calm our hustle bustle city life. The inner peace can be acquired here, which gets lost in the cities. After the end of this journey, it was time to begin a new one. I hope the next journey is as splendid as this one.

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