Macau Science Centre – Because Knowledge Has No End

As a lover of software and advance gadgets person, Macau Science Centre had to be my next stop. This science centre of Macau had a whole science world in it. With unique qualities such as spiral walkway and a large atrium inside, it has been a prominent landmark of Macau. This multi-functional building is also used for educational and conferences apart from tourism. The prime objectives of the science centre are to prompt student’s attention and curiosity in science field and to provide the significant science knowledge to people.

Macau Science Centre
Macau Science Centre | Image Resource :

The interactive exhibits and galleries fulfilled crave for new technology and gadgets. This tourist attraction was both leisure and entertainment place for me. The museum was not expensive but it was informative. With my interest in hi-tech materials, this place was like a playground for me. Couple of hours passed by and we did not even complete the half of the place. Planetarium and the 3D theatre were appreciated. This is a perfect place for kids and families and the place was well-maintained. Instead of tourists and locals visit frequently, Macau Science Centre was very lavishing. After the technology section, it was time to hit the environment and lifestyle sections.

Inside View Of Macau Science Centre
Inside View Of Macau Science Centre | Image Resource :

The meteorology department in environment section showed the different types of landforms and other information, will was new way of learning for us. Instead of looking these landforms in study materials, and forming an imaginary picture, the virtual site benefitted a lot. Extreme weather conditions such as thunder, lighting, tornados were discussed with demonstrations and experience sharing activities. Learning process could not have gone any better. People generally do not know the main reason behind natural occurrences; with the assistance of the science centre, we learnt many things. Later on, the Earth gallery sculpted the power of the Earth. Exhibits were themed according to the key natural phenomenon and their characteristics. The exhibits illustrated on how we can increase our chances while facing them. Next was the blood cell system and human body knowledge. After a fabulous day with science, it was time to be a little holy, so our next place was A Ma Macau Temple.

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