Museum Of Macau : A True Representation of History

The next day after a relaxing and pampered stay in the hotel premises we were ready to begin our tour with a bang. After quite a discussion we decided to visit the Museum of Macau. I had heard a lot about it from my friends. My passion for reading books was surely to be tested today as I had already read about it also and wanted to share all the information with my husband and child. I was eagerly waiting for this fascinating experience which was to take us back into the sands of time. The timing to visit this museum is from 10.00 AM -18.00 PM every day except Mondays.

Museum Of Macau
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The ticket counter closes at 17.30 PM every day. The entrance fee is MOP15 for adults, for children below ten years and senior citizens above the age of sixty is MOP8. The visit is free for public on the 15th of every month. This museum is situated on a hill and in the fortress of sixteenth century and it is also a true representation of the Macau history.  Every period is covered in the display of this museum including the time period of 2nd World War. All the displays are arranged logically and are kept in chronological order. Macanese buildings are replicated and one can walk through all the unusual and mind-blowing displays. After spending a few hours in the museum one is also applicable to give free and fun exam and in turn get a cherished prize at the end of it. There is a shop and a bookstore inside the museum which has plenty of historical and other books showing the artistic and cultural face of the city.

We were lucky to have visited the Museum of Macau as it promotes cultural studies and increases the knowledge of the common and interested visitors and has proved to be a learning experience. The educational information we received was mind boggling. The photographs which I took will always remind me of this wonderful visit. Tomorrow I will be visiting another new and interesting site full of adventure.

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