Air Travel from Bangalore to Macau by Thai Airways : Maintain Your Status Quo by Flying in Thai Airways

Hello friends, I am Zoey Francis a software engineer by profession. Though a professional engineer the love of my life is travelling and taking photographs. I am truly happy when I am satisfying my passion of either photography or hobby writing. Hence, I would like to share the memories of my previous trip which began with my air travel from Bangalore to Macau by Thai Airways Airlines.

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Fixing the correct time for the tour after everybody’s assurance was not easy but after little hiccups the days were finalized. Then the much bigger issue was that of deciding the right place. Everyone in my family had his or her own opinion but to go on a journey together we needed to finalize a common place and that is where my persuasive powers came into existence. I had a dream of travelling to Macau and hence was very persuasive while dealing with everyone and so convinced them. After listening to my dreams, everyone was excited and they handed over the program reigns to my husband. We all decided to make all the bookings from here so as to avoid anyhassles.


For our journey from the Garden City of Bangalore to the beautiful Macau we logged on to the most famous and accurate travel site and noted down all the important information. Next step was in booking our tickets through reliable airlines so as to make a hassle free and enjoyable journey. Through online we received comprehensive and useful information about the workings of these world famous airlines. The Thai Airways were giving discounts on package tours if bookings were made inbulk. The day of the journey arrived and we all boarded the flight with our luggage. The baggage allowance per person is twenty kg in economy class. Inside the airlines with all my companions I can surely say the hospitality of the in-crew members was very good. The in-flight meals were delicious and entertainment great while on-ground facilities impeccable.


The air travel from Bangalore to Macau by Thai Airways Airlines has been a great experience with friends and family and by the end of the journey I was ready to crash into my bed in the Casa Real Hotel Macau.

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