National Gallery of Victoria Is A Must Visit

I am a traveller and I enjoy visiting different places around the world. Some places always hold a special place in my heart. The National Gallery of Victoria is one of those places. I really enjoyed my visit to this place. I wish to share my splendid experience with my readers.

National Gallery of Victoria Australia
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About The Gallery


The National Gallery of Victoria is located on the St Kilda Road. It stretches from Yarra River to the Federation Square. It was first opened in 1968. An art lover can never miss a chance to visit this beautiful gallery. You can visit two magnificent galleries that are just set a few steps apart. The Melbourne Building has been recently redesigned.


Why would you visit the Gallery?


The building is a temple of art. You have free entry to the galleries. It houses international art. You will find Asian, European, Oceanic and American art under one roof. There are nearly 70,000 works of art exhibited within the premises.


The Victoria Gallery and the Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square were both really worth a visit. The collections in each of these galleries are truly unique. You will find a unique collection of Australian indigenous and non-indigenous art exhibited in the Ian Potter Centre.


Further Information about the Galleries


The galleries are open six days a week. The Victorian Gallery stays closed on Tuesdays while the Ian Potter gallery stays closed on Mondays. The gallery also stays open on all public holidays except Good Friday and Christmas.


There are proper transport facilities to these galleries. You will not face any problem visiting the galleries all by your own. Commercial parking is available outside the gallery. There are restaurants and cafes nearby for your refreshment. There are shops and public toilets too in the vicinity.


I have been a lover of art all my life. I have observed ‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo Da Vinci many times. I have been intrigued by art and its unique creations. I may have been another Dan Brown if my language was sufficiently polished. The art galleries truly made me go crazy. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. It is a fine place for all those who love art.

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