Lake Toba Indonesia - Devastating Past but Enjoyable Present

My family was scared to visit the beautiful Lake Toba, but as I love designing things for myself I decided to visit the place with my friends and family. Thousands of years ago, when an extensive volcanic eruption took place, the impact was massive and it changed the way of living and the course of human evolution. Many species were at a verge of extinction; however, now such dangers are under control.

Lake Toba Indonesia
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The Lake Toba is located in North Sumatra, Indonesia and besides being the largest lake it also is a super volcano. The lake is 30 km in width, 100 km in length and its depth is 505 mts. Palau Samosir is a volcanic island and is situated in the middle of the lake. The lake is surrounded by hills on all sides and hence, the fresh and cool air makes the stay very comfortable and pleasant. Swimming in the lake is allowed and possible. We rented a motor boat for a ride around the lake and enjoyed the quiet atmosphere very much. I was amazed with the rich flora around and they included Emerged Macrophytes, Floating Macrophytes and Phytoplankton.


I also learned that the rainforests surrounds the countryside and Tropical Pine forests are found on the higher mountains. Zooplankton and benthic are the few animals visible. Fishes are very scarce. The traditional houses, the beautiful sunrise and awesome sunset, and the quite atmosphere were all thrilling to experience. The tranquility and the scenic beauty of Lake Toba leave one awestruck. And experiencing such natural beauty at its zenith is mind-boggling. No wonder, it has become one of the most famous tourist destinations of the world.


Lake Toba is an exotic location where I enjoyed thoroughly. As our journey comes to an end we are feeling a little sad as we had enjoyed very much. Any tour with near and dear ones make it unforgettable and a tour with such close friends and family is truly a blessing for me. Before even finishing our tour we had started making plans for our next one and it only suggests that we had gelled properly and the tour was a total success.

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