Derawan Islands Indonesia - A Lifetime Experience

Derawan Islands was the location that I wanted to visit the next. According to me the site would connect me to the nature and will also help me to click some photographs. We had reached the island by travelling from an expensive boat and our journey was also quite comfortable.


Derawan Islands are located in the sea named Sulawesi on the marine shelf of East Kalimantan. It is a part of Berau Regency. It is a biodiversity hotspot, which includes more than 800 species of reef fishes, an approximate of 507 coral species, and many invertebrates, which include protected species. It is site where largest green turtle is present in Indonesia. The main occupation of people is fishing, so it is an important source of income for the people inhabited there. There are three main dive resorts to look after the comfort of the people traveling here. It is a tropical paradise, which has crystal clear white sand beaches and clear and fresh blue water. It is one of the world’s renowned locations for diving. At first we were a little scared but when we first took a dive together, all our fears were shattered and we completely enjoyed ourselves. The presence of coconut trees provides some shade. All the species are protected. Scale turtles, dolphins, whales, coconut crabs, clams and barracudas are the main species present there. Diving is best thing present at Derawan. We were lucky to watch the rare fauna and flora which is preserved there.

Derawan Islands Indonesia
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The island is inhabited by Bajau people and there are the gardens, which are very beautiful. Swimming, scuba, fishing and diving are other water sports. Derawan beach is an exotic location where the beaches are clean and diverse underwater scenery is present. The sight of sunrise and sunset is also beautiful and enjoyable. We were advised to use a sun block and a hat to prevent the hot sun. We had excessive drinking water to prevent dehydration. All the people and tourists, including me and my group were advised not to damage the environment and our surroundings. With my amazing experience there, I could say that this archipelago in Indonesia is one of the most beautiful sites.

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