Delicious Satay Meal of Indonesia - Authentic and Appetising

Continuous travelling has made us tired and everyone was of the opinion to relax and let go. We were all food lovers and for a foodie taking a tour and not tasting the national and famous local dishes was not a possible thing. The delicious Indonesian Satay meal was recommended to us by the hotel authorities and that day we decided to partake in it.

Indonesian chicken satay
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Till date we had eaten a variety of cuisines but not the Satay meal and hence we all were eager to taste this world famous dish. Satay or Sate is a popular and commonly eaten famous dish of Indonesia and is served as a main course dish. Besides the home country this dish is also popular in the entire south-east Asian region like Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia and Netherlands. It is a very tasty dish and is served hot. It is so common that it can be obtained easily from either roadside or a five star restaurant and is served both in residences and public gatherings with equal aplomb. 


The Satay is a grilled dish with meat, chicken and beef as its main contents. We were so impressed by the dish that we asked for its detailed recipe. The preparation time for this dish is said to be of forty minutes and the time taken for cooking is fifteen minutes and thus it takes nearly one hour to complete this dish. Besides the main ingredient, which can either be meat, beef or chicken the other ingredients are  lemon grass, sliced onions, sliced garlic, fresh chilies, ginger, dried turmeric, grounded coriander, cumin, soya sauce, brown sugar, peanut sauce and vegetable oil. This delicious meal can be served with Thai Rice or Peanut sauce with onions or cucumber.


Though we were prepared, but the taste and authenticity of the dish was incomparable. Satay Meal is truly a popular delicacy and looks like an artist’s delight. In the list of world’s delicious foods it comes at number 14. The Satay meal is honored to be called the national or state dish of the country. Its flavors and mouthwatering taste are heavenly for a foodie and results in its wide-spread popularity.

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