Hotel Alila Jakarta - A Modern Hotel with a Contemporary Outlook and Charming Hospitality

Our journey from Bangalore to Jakarta has started with a bang. The Cathay Pacific Airlines made our journey very pleasant and entertaining and we enjoyed its hospitality very much. It was now the time to descend and after collecting our baggage’s we came out of the airport. As we had already booked our accommodations in the Hotel Alila Jakarta we were mentally free from the tension of finding a good hotel. Online information’s and bookings are simply very good and time saving method. As soon as we came out we saw a board of our names and then we came to know that the hotel authorities had send the hotel bus to pick up us all. So thoughtful was my first reaction because by that time we all were feeling very tired and we simply wanted to crash on our beds. The Sanskrit word Alila means surprise and this hotel is aptly named. We surely were surprised. The hotel was much redefined reflecting the contemporary lifestyles with a bang. We already knew that this hotel was family friendly and hence our stay over there. Hotel Alila is located near the Presidential Palace and Jakarta Cathedral.

Hotel Alila Jakarta
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The rooms were very spacious with modern décor and huge windows from the floors to the ceilings. Each room had a private bathroom including a bathtub and inside the rooms a large screened TV with all the appropriate channels was equipped and the Wi-Fi was also free. There were many types of rooms like the Deluxe Double, Executive Double, Premier Double and Executive Suite but the room which we had booked was Deluxe Double as it was quite sufficient for our needs. 


The hotel provided many facilities like the outdoor swimming pool with clean and clear waters, a fitness center with sauna, spa and massages. I took a massage and let me tell you it felt as if I was in heaven because the magical experience was very relaxing.The restaurant also provided tasty and mouthwatering cuisine. Hotel Alila Jakarta is very elegant and stylishly built. Its environment proved to be relaxing with such superb and charming hospitality that it made our stay a unique experience surely.

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