Sanur Beach Indonesia - An Example of Nature’s Beauty

Sanur beach is one of the most famous and popular areas in Bali, Indonesia. It is one of the earliest and exotic beach resort which features a calm and pleasant coastal environment. The resort as a whole is surrounded by a huge seven hectares of tropical gardens which had a number of trees and coconut palms. The beach is blessed with various types of marine organisms and suitable weather which is perfect to spend time at the white sands lined with many palms and relaxed cafes at the beaches.

The hotel consisted of various restaurants were we enjoyed different types of cuisines. The place characterized of various modern and innovative entertainment venues. There are various activities by which we enjoyed our stay in that place. Bali Sea Walker is one of the underwater activity that offers people a chance to enjoy an underwater experience with less number of equipment’s and safety assurance. Colored fishes could be seen at a depth of seven metres. After the sea walker we were ready to enjoy the marine walk which took place at the Lembogan Island. With the specially designed helmets, we all could remain submerged and were also able to see the coral beds. A total of fifteen minutes were given to each of us. After this we needed some refreshment which we received from the Café Batujimbar.


I am quite interested in seeing the galleries and museum so I with my peers and family went to the Le Mayeur Museum and Gallery Santrian which is a reputed one which showcases different types of paintings and sculptures. With this our group decided to visit the shopping mall even. There were many stores, art shops, boutiques located were a wide range of products were available. We had bought many things including the gifts for our relatives. It was evening at the time we decided to again back to our hotel. So we thought of exploring the Sanur Beach Night Life. We visited the Adora super club which was both entertainment and nightlife spot in Sanur. The place had brought me near to the nature and I was feeling great staying there. Each moment of my stay was full of excitement and special to me.

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