Ragunan Zoo Indonesia - One of the Kind Providing Educating Experience

Our visit to the National Museum had proved to be very informative and our heads were bursting with the knowledge that we had accumulated. Today we were in the mood for a little frolicking and fun and the best way was to go back to our childhood. So the ideal place for the next destination was the Ragunan Zoo. That was the only place where each and every age group could enjoy.

Ragunan Zoo Indonesia
Ragunan Zoo Indonesia | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

The Ragunan Zoo was opened in the year1864 and was established by an organization which was a lover of flora and faunaand is located in southern part of Indonesia. Built in an area of 350 acre it provides home to 171 species of flora and nearly 270 species of animals. Many of them have been declared endangered species. Nearly 3,122 animals and birds are in residence over here. In 2002, The Schmeltzer Primate Centre was launched open. This privately funded and separately managed enclosure is one of its kinds as it houses private enclosures for animals like chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans.

These enclosures have been built so as to provide as much as of natural environment for the animals and the visitors can see the animals through the thick, dark glasses. Reptiles such as Komodo dragons are housed in separate quarters whereas crocodiles and gavials reside in river valley area. Poisonous and non- poisonous snakes like Albino Pythons, King Cobras and Asian Reticulated pythonsare kept in terrariums. Sumatran tigers, American Black bears, leopards, lions, swans, ducks, Australian Pelicans, Brahminy Kites, Palm Cockatoos,pheasants, emu, cassowary, ostrich are all housed here. Elephant rides, pony cart rides and playground were specially made available for children. We took so many photographs that we have simply lost count.


The entrance fees for Ragunan Zoo were 40 cents for adults and 30 cents for children below 12 years and 5 cents as insurance for every visitor, in case he/she is harmed by the animals. Mondays have been declared holidays till further notice so as to enable any maintenance work. The timings of the zoo are from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The tropical settings, the antics of the animals, the vivid and colorful birds and the lush green foliage proved to be relaxing and educating atmosphere.

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