Air Travel from Bangalore to Jakarta Indonesia by Cathay Pacific Airlines – Entertaining All the Way with Reliability and Dedication

I, Zoey Francis am a software engineer by profession. Working continuously has taken a toll on me and I am literally tired of this monotonous daily routine. Be it at home or office the continuous work pressure has got to me. Though a professional engineer, the love of my life is travelling and taking photographs. I am truly happy when I am satisfying my passion of either photography or hobby writing. My family, my friends take precedence over all others as I am happy and satisfied with them. So when I told my family and friends that I was on the border of a breakdown, they were immensely concerned and they came upon a simply brilliant plan. Let’s go for a tour was a unanimous decision. Coinciding over free time for the tour was not easy but after little hiccups the days were finalized and now the much bigger issue was that of going where.

Cathay Pacific Airlines
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Everyone had his or her own opinion but to go on a journey together we needed to finalize a common place and that is where my husband’s persuasive powers came into existence. He always had a dream of travelling to Indonesia and hence was very persuasive while dealing with everyone. He single handedly convinced each and everyone to the tour of Jakarta. Everyone was now convinced and they handed over the program reigns to my husband. We decided to use the services of Cathay Pacific Airlines for reaching the place.


We decided to make all the bookings from here so as to avoid any pleasantries. For our journey from the Garden City of Bangalore to the beautiful Jakarta we logged on to the most famous and accurate travel site and noted down all the important information. The next step was in booking our ticketsthrough reliable airlines so as to make a hassle free and enjoyable journey.Through online we received comprehensive and useful information about the workings of these world famous airlines, the Cathay Pacific Airlines and we got fabulous offers on our bookings as tickets were booked in bulk. We were allowed 7 kg as cabin luggage, including the duty-free items. Inside the airlines with all my companions I can surely announce that world famous Cathay Pacific Airlines was one of the best airlines in which we had travelled as they were dedicated in their duties of providing all the possible comforts to its passengers.

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