Guidelines for Developers and Software Engineers

Developers are in great demand in the market today. They play vital role so that the online business survives. The job of a software engineer is really not easy. Here are some steps that you may follow so that your work turns out to be effective and efficient.

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  • You must devotedly test your code

Make it a point to test your code after you write it. Do not go live just after making the code. You must take enough time to test a code before you make it live.


  • You must design a code before you write it

It is necessary to design the code first and then write it down. If you directly venture to write the code, you may end up writing the wrong code. You may then be unwilling to re-engineer the code.


  • You must use one of the API documentation software’s to document your code

You may use Javadoc or Doxygen to document your code while you are writing it. This will help you later on as it is quite possible you will forget the code you developed at a later point of time.


  • You must use insightful comments in your code

You must avoid writing comments in binary. You may instead use plain English to enter comments.


  • Follow predefined standards when you mention classes, variables and functions

Following the standards helps the code to be uniform and even. It is not advisable to have a project where everyone writes the code in his own way.


  • You must not hesitate to discard a code

You must be willing to discard an improper code and start all over again.


  • Stay updated with the latest technologies

Coding standards vary with update in technology. You must be aware of the latest technology. You should be willing to upgrade your skills to match the latest technology.


  • Review codes and reuse them as and when needed

You must make it a habit to review the codes you have created. You should feel free to reuse the code as and when you need them.


These tips will surely help you be a better developer.

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