Sea Life Aquarium Sydney - A Scintillating Experience

My next destination was the Sea Life Aquarium in Sydney Australia. This visit was long due and I had made many plans made in advance. This was a golden opportunity for me to do some serious photography. I have been preparing beautiful and photogenic reels in camera, on Sea Life Aquarium Sydney Australia, for the upcoming exhibition in New Art Gallery. I was simply charmed on arriving at the Sea Life Aquarium, which is located in New South Wales of Australia with Diamond Harbour to its West. Admittedly, it is the world’s largest and most famous aquarium. It is Sydney’s prime tourist attraction and people all around the world come here for a fantastic experience of the underwater sea-life journey. The aquarium opened in 1988 during the celebrations of Australia’s bicentenary. It has over 13000 animal collections with more than 700 species.

Outside View Of Sea Life Aquarium Sydney
Outside View Of Sea Life Aquarium Sydney | Image Resource :

I was captivated by the clown fish, scary sharks, hump-headed wrasse, rare dugongs, beautiful sea-horses, elusive platypuses, jellyfish, giant turtles, penguins, manta rays, numerous tropical fish and many other deep-sea creatures. The aquarium amazed visitors who kept looking with their ever watchful eyes. Its key displays were underwater see-through tunnels, which enabled me to see sharks swimming all around me and the beautiful Great Barrier Reef Coral environment. The aquarium was designed as such to resemble a large wave to complement under water theme. Walking along the pathway through the glass tunnel, I embraced my fears and moved for the most jaw-dropping and thrilling experience. The Mermaid Lagoon with Wuru and Pig are the two orphaned and most impressive herbivorous dugongs on display out of the six pairs available in the world. It gives a heart throbbing experience with both under-the-water and above-the-water view. Shovelnose rays, eagle rays, shark ray, zebra rays and numerous species of fish are kept in this oceanarium.

Sea Life Aquarium Sydney
Sea Life Aquarium Sydney | Image Resource :

A few hours in that unique aquarium with incredible sea creatures gave me evergreen memories though I was sad knowing how the habitat of these beautiful creatures are getting destroyed by human beings. The aquarium authorities are taking utmost care for preservation of these graceful sea creatures and spreading awareness with emphasis on securing shark population and conserving majestic sea animals. The Sea Life Aquarium Sydney Australia with world’s most diverse collection of sea life is the best family attraction.

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